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We are an online pharmacy dedicated to serve those who wish to purchase performance enhancing products online. If you are looking for the best athlete nutrition that really works, then welcome to the world of peformance enhancing medicines. We serve all kinds of customers, from the amateur athlete who might want to look into our complete steroid cycles that we offer. Or the pro bodybuilder that knows what he is looking for and wish to buy steroids one by one. Today we have one person working full time answering your emails and questions in a timely manner. In our online pharmacy you will buy directly from Generic Supplements. The active substances in our products are bought from different licensed pharmaceutical laboratories around the globe. The actual bottling of the products is made in a sterile laboratory by Generic Supplements. Generic supplements have been around for many years and has the knowledge to serve you high and 100% sterile quality. We also know that under dosing the products is bad for business in the long run. We know that if you will become a better performer that you will come back for more! We are athletes ourselves, so Generic Supplements is made by athletes for athletes. But don’t trust what you read on a commercial website, ask google before you buy! Make sure that you bookmark our website and check back on us often.

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Security, today it is becoming more and more difficult to find real products on the market. Did you know that most “original” steroids sold on the internet are fake products? Being one of the most respected alternative brands on the market today Generic Supplements delivers products with security holograms to combat copycats. Never inject or use a products without the true hologram on it’s top. Feel free to email us if you have questions regarding our products.

Deliveries, since we ship from a western countries inside the EU we never have problems with shipping within the EU. For other countries we have developed a style of shipping that is very successful to pass through the customs. For this reason your products might arrive without correct labels, but the original label will arrive later in a simple letter. The invoice of the order might look like something else, please ignore.

Quality, here we show you some lab tests made by the author of the book “anabolics 2005”. None of the products we offer are under dosed, none.

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What do the professionals say?

Book: Anabolic 2005
By William Llewellyn

"There are things that must be taken into consideration when thinking about buying an underground steroid product. First, you need to remember that you never truly know what you are getting. These operations are clandestine, and nobody is looking over their shoulders making sure things are up to code. Second, almost none of them are making their drugs in a truly sterile environment either. Most, in fact, are made in someone’s house. The only real exception this might be a handful of larger companies (such as International Pharmaceuticals, Euroshem, and Generic Supplements), which have their product manufactured in a sterile (pharmaceutical quality) laboratories or contracted manufactures."

Scans: Here you can click and read the original pages from where the quotes are taken from.

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Muscular Development Magazine
Issue: July – 2004

"When it comes to conversations about "Who’s Who" of new Euro underground operations, the name Generic Supplements (GS) keeps coming up. GS has grown over the past couple of years to produce a very full line of products, reaching far beyond the core line of anabolic steroids."

"The sheer popularity and good feedback I’ve been hearing about this company so far got me very interested. Bodybuilders I speak with usually seem very comfortable ignoring my good advice about staying away from such types of companies, and buy regularly from this clandestine manufacturer (GS). I know of several who claim to use them almost exclusively now, raving about the good value and quality products the company provides. GS is earning a solid reputation as a trustworthy label and many feel they are quickly on the way to becoming as "established" underground lab like International Pharmaceuticals."

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