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Boldenone Undecylenate
10ml- 200mg/ml
Euro 40

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Super-Deca 250
10ml- 250mg/ml
Euro 45

Equipoise Boldenone undecylenate profile

This steroid is only available as a veterinary medicine. It is very popular among a wide range of athletes, not only bodybuilders and power lifters. It has some unique characteristics only found in this compound. It is an all around steroid and can be used both for bulking and cutting depending on what the user stack it together with. Maybe most important of all, Boldenon is considered safe to use with few side effects, a major point to use it as a base in a stack.

The reason a wide range of athletes finds Boldenon interesting not only for anabolic properties but also be cause it stimulates the release of EPO (erythropoeitin) in the kidneys. This is a hormone that increases the production of red blood cells. More red blood cells means better transportation of oxygen and of course a better performance. For the bodybuilder this means better vascularity, and of course a better pump at the gym.

Some of us, including myself are poor eaters, since we don't have the appetite to eat enough we never make good gains. If you belong to those who suffer fro this being your weakest link to reach your goals this is a perfect choice. Boldenon will increase your appetite dramatically making good gains possible. Stack Boldenon into your bulking cycle and enjoy this effect. Also in small amount only for this reason makes a difference.

Boldenon is not a steroid that will give huge gains in short time. This steroid provides more quality gain instead. By giving a positive effect on the nitrogen balance in the cell it will return better protein synthesis. Giving rock hard results without much water retention.

Dosing: Thanks to the new underground production Boldenon can be found in more decent doses for human use, while the veterinary version are rather small, 25mg and 50mg. Most athletes will do well on doses 300mg- 600mg per week and weekly injection works well with this steroid. Boldenon should be front-loaded, this means a double dose the first shoot or the first two weeks.

Boldenon stack well with almost any kinds of steroids, chosen depending on your goals. One exception is Deca duraboline since these two are too similar. Since the effect from Boldenon takes time it is not a good choice for short cycles. 10 week is a good time to use Boldenon. If Boldenon is used prior competition and cutting Winstrol would be a good choice. Trenobolone and Parabolan is two other option that goes well for cutting. Testosteron is maybe not the best choice for cutting but testosterone propionate would go well too. The only downside of using Boldenon for cutting might be the increase in appetite.

Thanks to the appetite stimulation effect I think Boldenon should be used in bulking stacks more often. Stack this steroid with a testosterone and you will have a great bulking cycle with quality gains. One recommendation would be 300-400mg of boldenon together with 500mg Sustanon, Testosterone enanthate or cypionate.

With Boldenon in moderate doses aromatisation is usually not a problem to worry about. But it does aromatise a little so if you are sensitive or uses Boldenon in high doses there is still a reason to look out. This means that the risk of side effects like gynocomastia and water retention is small. The small aromatisation that does occur is positive for the glucose utilization (bringing back glycogen in the cell after a hard workout) and increases your natural growth hormone release. The main advantage is that oestrogen upgrades the androgen receptors giving an anabolic effect. Boldenon is not so toxic for the liver and the DHT conversion is also low. Acne and high blood pressure problems are also rare, this steroid is in all fairly safe to use and very much recommended.

It is recommended to start a post cycle treatment after 3 weeks after using Boldenon.